Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spider - S/T & Between The Lines

Spider - S/T & Between The Line (1980 & 1981, Hardrock)

New Romance (It's A Mystery)
Burning Love
Shady Lady
Everything Is Alright
Little Darlin'
Brotherly Love
What's Going On
Don't Waste Your Time
I Think I Like It
Between The Lines
It Didn't Take Long
Going By
Better Be Good To Me
Can't Live This Way Anymore
Faces Are Changing
Go And Run
I Love

The Band

Amanda Blue - Voclas
Holly Knight - Keyboards, vocals
Anton Fig - Drums, Vocals
Keith Lentin - Guitars, lead vocals on Faces Are Changing
Jimmy Lowell - Bass, Vocals

Warlock - Triumph & Agony (1987)

Warlock - Triumph & Agony (1987, Hardrock)

All We Are
Three Minute Warning
I Rule The Ruins
Kiss Of Death
Make Time For Love
East Meets West
Touch Of Evil
Metal Tango
Cold, Cold World
Für Immer

The Band

Doro Pesch - Vocals
Niko Arvanitis - Guitars
Tommy Bolan - Guitars
Tommy Hendrisen - Bass
Michael Eurich - Drums

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vixen - Love Is A Killer (CD-Single) 1990

Vixen - Love Is A Killer (CD-Single) (1990, Hardrock)

Love Is A Killer (Edit)
I Want You To Rock Me (Live)
Love Is A Killer (Live For MTV Unplugged)
Love Is A Killer (LP Version)

The Band

Janet Gardner - Vocals, Guitars
Jan Kuehnemund - Guitars
Share Pedersen - Bass
Roxy Petrucci - Drums

Vixen - Not A Minute Too Soon (CD-Single) 1991

Vixen - Not A Minute Too Soon (CD-Single) (1991, Hardrock)

Not A Minute Too Soon
Fallen Hero
Give It Away

The Band

Janet Gardner - Vocals, Guitars
Jan Kuehnemund - Guitars
Share Pedersen - Bass
Roxy Petrucci - Drums

Vixen - Cryin' (CD-Single)

Vixen - Cryin' (CD-Single) (1988, Hardrock)

Cryin' (7" Version)
Give It Away
Edge Of A Broken Heart

The Band

Janet Gardner - Vocals, Guitars
Jan Kuehnemund - Guitars
Share Pedersen - Bass
Roxy Petrucci - Drums

Steffanie - Hideaway (Ex-ShowYa)

Steffanie - Hideaway (1985, Hardrock)

Survival In The Streets
Run For Your Love
Change Of Heart
Believe In Me
Born To Be Free
Hot Night City
Get Out Of My Heart
Rock The Planet For Everyone

Smashed Gladys - Tales From The Eastside (3rd unreleased album)

Smashed Gladys - Tales From The Eastside (Sleaze)

Bleed For Me
When It All Comes Down
Nobody Knows
Oh!! Black Mother
Tattooed Blues
What A Shame
Rented Dreams
Beggars & Thieves

The Band

Sally Cato - Vocals
Bart Lewis - Lead, Slide And Rhythm Guitars
Roger Lane - Rhythm And Lead Guitars
J.D. (Tonto) Malo - Bass
Matt Steluto - Drums

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Karla - S/T

Karla - S/T (1990, AOR)

Love Won't Wait
In The Night
Hungry For Your Love
I'm All Over You
Hold On
Lot To Learn
Season Of Change
Never Say No

The Band

Karla Goldman - Vocals, Guitars
Keith Pintar Guitars, Bonjo
Mark Chatfield - Guitars
Jeff Ciampa - Bass
Dave Egan - Guitars
B. Ryan Michaels - Bass
Sam Hooff - Drums

Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse

Smashed Gladys - Social Intercourse (1988, Sleaze)

Lick It In To Shape
17 Going On Crazy
Play Dirty
Dive In The Dark
Eye Of The Storm
Hard To Swallow
Legs Up
Eye For An Eye
Cast Of Nasties

The Band

Sally Cato - Vocals
Bart Lewis - Lead, Slide And Rhythm Guitars
Roger Lane - Rhythm And Lead Guitars
J.D. (Tonto) Malo - Bass
Matt Steluto - Drums

Password: femalehardrock

Gypsy Queen -S/T

Gypsy Queen - S/T (1988, AOR)

Love Is Strange
She Can't Help Herself
(Hey) Are You Every Satisfied
Leave Us Alone
Where Does Our Love Go
Don't Rush Me
Love Is A Shadow
I Still Care
Who Are You
She Wants To Unh
Love Is A Strange (Remix)

The Band

Paula and Pam Mattioli - Vocals
Pedro Riera - Guitars
Bryan Le Mar - Guitars
Peter (Mars) Cowling - Bass
Keith Daniel - Drums

Monday, June 4, 2007

Harlow - S/T

Harlow -S/T (1990, AOR)

Chain Reaction
Don't Say We're Over
When You Love Someone
Cry Murder
No Escape
Beyond Control
Edge Of Love

Theresa Straley - Vocals
Pat Regan - Keyboards
Thommy Thayer - Guitars
Todd Jensen - Bass
Steven Klong - Drums

Saraya - Demos 1982 - 1989

Saraya - Demos 1982-1989 (AOR)

Another One Down (1982)
You Don't Have To Tell Me (1982)
Heart On My Sleeve (1983)
Only Way To Hold On (1986)
Paper Doll (1986)
Make Me Believe (1986)
Fire To Burn (1986)
Living Daylight (1986)
Make It True (1986)
Free Ride (1986)
Teardrops In The Mirror (1986)
Better Than Anyone (1986)
This Could Be Danger (1987)
Look The Other Way (1987)
You'll Never Change (1987)
Playing The Role (1989)

Sandi Saraya - lead vocals
Gregg Munier - keyboards, backing vocals
Tony Rey - guitar, backing vocals
Gary Taylor - bass, backing vocals
Chuck Bonfante - drums

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Erika - Long Cold Winter (bonus tracks)

Erika - Long Cold Winter (1990, AOR)

Together We're Lost
Line Of Fire
Hurting So Bad
Cold Winter Night
Living Like A Hurricane
Love In Vain
Last Call For Love

Bonus Tracks

Supersonic City
Together We're Lost (Re-Mix)
Together We're Lost (Extended Version)


Erika - Vocals
Yngwie Malmsteen - Guitars
Benny Jansson - Guitars
Bobby Lundgren - Guitars
Johan Åkerfeldt - Drums
Fredrik Lundfeldt - Drums

Doro - White Wedding (CD-Single)

Doro - White Wedding (CD-Single) (2001, Hardrock)

White Wedding (single version)
White Wedding (album version)
I Adore You (Unreleased)

Doro - Ich Will Alles (CD-Single)

Doro - Ich Will Alles (CD-Single) (2000, Hardrock)

Ich Will Alles
Give Me A Reason
Rip Me Apart

Doro - Ceremony (CD-Single)

Doro - Ceremony (CD-Single) (1995, Hardrock)

Ceremony (Original Mix)
Ceremony (Long Hammer-Version)
Tie Me Up

Doro - Enough For You (CD-Single)

Doro - Enought For You (CD-Single) (1993, Hardrock)

Enough For You
You Ain't Lived (Till You're Loved To Death)
Rare Diamonds (Live At Lamour, New York City)

Fiona - Heart Like A Gun

Fiona - Heart Like A Gun (1989, AOR)

Little Jeannie (Got The Look Of Love)
Everything You Do (You're Sexing Me) - Duet with Kip Winger
Where The Cowboys Go
Draw The Line
Here It Comes Again
Brining In The Beast
Victoria Cross
Look At Me Now
When Pink Turns To Blue


Fiona - Lead Vocals
Brad Gillis - Guitars
Jamie Hunting - Bass
Rod Morgenstein - Drums
Dweezil Zappa - Guitars
Kip Winger - Lead Vocals on Everything You Do, Bass

Annica - Badly Dreaming

Annica - Badly Dreaming (AOR) (1988)

So Divine
Lose Me
What's Your Game
Black Waves
To Another Shore
She's A Belladonna
No Hearts
Into Dark

Bonus tracks

I'm Ready
Fine Polca
Be My Angel
Give Me Love

The Band

Annica Wiklund - Vocals
Twist Tiwst Herkinharju - Drums
Nasty Suicide - Guitars, Bass

Tone Norum - One Of A Kind

Tone Norum - One Of A Kind (1986, AOR)

If I Were Queen
Built In Dreams
One Of A Kind
Secrets Of Hearts
This Is Love
And I
'Til Heaven Calls Your Name
Playing With Fire
Can't You Stay

The Band

Tone Norum - Vocals
John Norum - Guitars
Joey Tempest - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backin Vocals
Mic Michaeli - Keyboards
Ian Haugland - Drums
Ronnie Thunder - Backing Vocals

Bitch - The Bitch Is Back

BITCH - THE BITCH IS BACK (1987, Hardrock)

1. Do You Want To Rock 3:44
2. Hot & Heavy 4:25
3. Me and the Boys 3:27
4. Storm Raging Up 5:58
5. The Bitch Is Back 3:13
6. Head Banger 3:28
7. Fist To Face 4:14
8. Turns Me On 4:09
9. Skull Crusher 4:06

The Band

Betsy Wise - Vocals
David Carruth - Guitars
Ron Cordy - Bass
Robby Settles - Drums

Bitch - Be My Slave + Damnation Alley EP


Right From The Start
Be My Slave
Riding In Thunder
Save You From The World
Heavy Metal Breakdown
Gimme A Kiss
In The Heat
Make It Real (Make It Rock)
World War III
Mever Come Home

Damnation Alley
He's Gone
Live For The Whip